Nathan Hochman Endorsed by Former United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey
October 1, 2021

Los Angeles, CA – Judge Michael Mukasey, who served as the 81st Attorney General of the United States and Chief Judge of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, has endorsed Nathan Hochman, as he runs to succeed Newsom-appointed California Attorney General Rob Bonta in 2022.

In announcing his endorsement, Judge Mukasey stated: “As the Assistant Attorney General heading up the U.S. Department of Justice’s Tax Division while I was the Attorney General, Nathan was an effective leader of over 350 lawyers engaged in the government’s civil, criminal and appellate tax litigation throughout the country.  His effectiveness derived in large part because not only is he a superb lawyer, he is a superb human being.   From both a professional and a personal standpoint, I cannot think of anyone who is as qualified as Nathan to become California’s next Attorney General.  I strongly endorse his candidacy.”

In response to the support, Hochman stated “Earning Judge Mukasey’s endorsement is special for me. Judge Mukasey oversaw the Justice Department when I was appointed and confirmed as Assistant United States Attorney General. During that difficult time in our nation’s history, we worked together to ensure justice for all. In California, we once again face difficult times and I thank him for his support in my race.”

Nathan served under AG Mukasey after being appointed by President Bush and confirmed by the US Senate as Assistant US Attorney General. Outside his experience at DOJ, Nathan is an experienced prosecutor, defense attorney, and civic leader. After earning his law degree from Stanford Law School, Hochman clerked for a Los Angeles US District Court and as an Assistant US Attorney for the Central District of California. Nathan has served his community on numerous charitable boards and as a member and President of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission.

Since launching his campaign at the end of April, Hochman has raised over a million dollars and received endorsements from prominent elected officials and prosecutors—establishing himself as the leading Republican challenger to Gavin Newsom-appointed Attorney General Rob Bonta in the 2022 election.

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