Issue: Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry equivalent to a modern-day slave trade


of human trafficking victims are people of color


of human trafficking victims are children


California’s per capita rank in human trafficking

AG Bonta has failed to take effective action on this issue.

NATHAH HOCHMAN has a four-point plan to address human trafficking:

#1: Pass SB 1042 and Designate Human Trafficking a Violent and Serious Felony

Doing so would designate human trafficking as a violent and serious felony for the first time in California history, send an unmistakable message to human traffickers that they face severe repercussions for their actions, and give prosecutors and judges the better and more effective ability to punish

#2: Coordinate Statewide Prosecutions

Many prosecutors and law enforcement agencies are doing an excellent job addressing human trafficking, however, without statewide coordination, there are areas of refuge for traffickers. As Attorney General, Nathan would fill the gaps and ensure a statewide approach to prosecuting human traffickers.

#3: Utilize Asset Forfeiture Law to Seize Property from Human Traffickers

Human traffickers are in it for the money. As Attorney General, Nathan would aggressively seek to seize money and property from those engaged in the human trafficking trade.

#4: Implement a Statewide Education Campaign on Human Trafficking Prevention

We need to amplify educational programming in our schools that provide students with an understanding of these issues and ways they can identify human trafficking and prevent themselves from becoming victims. 

Nathan Hochman questions CA Attorney General Rob Bonta’s silence on bill

Nathan Hochman, the leading Republican candidate for California Attorney General, endorsed Senator Shannon Grove’s SB 1042, which for the first time makes human trafficking a violent and serious felony in California.

“Senator Shannon Grove’s SB 1042 is a much-needed bill to address the ongoing, multi-billon dollar human trafficking crisis in California,” Hochman said. “It’s unacceptable that California’s leadership, particularly the California Attorney General, has treated human trafficking as a non-serious, non-violent felony for so long. With this new bill, we have a chance to send a clear and unmistakable message to human traffickers that their despicable crimes will be fully prosecuted and punished here in California.”


Watch Nathan discuss human trafficking and his plan to solve it: