Issue: Crime

Murder Rates Soar in California Cities

Los Angeles


2019 to 2020



2019 to 2020

San Francisco


2019 to 2020

San Diego


2019 to 2020

The cause: early release policies that have let criminals off the hook at the expense of California’s communities.

Rob Bonta and George Gascon have failed our state.

Nathan Hochman is leading the charge to restore Public Safety in California.

When George Gascon refused to enforce the law and bring accountability to those accused of serious crimes, Nathan partnered with the Association of Deputy District Attorneys of Los Angeles and successfully sued George Gascon— forcing him to do his job and take violent criminals off the streets.

“Several of D.A. George Gascón’s reforms blocked by L.A. County judge”

Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón was barred from implementing a significant part of his sprawling criminal justice reform platform Monday, after a judge ruled his plan to end the use of sentencing enhancements in thousands of criminal cases violates California law.

‘Today’s decision is a victory for the rule of law. This lawsuit has never been about whether sentencing enhancements are good or bad policy, but about whether a district attorney can force prosecutors to violate clear California law in order to carry out his desired policy changes,’ Nathan Hochman, a partner at the law firm representing the union, said in an email.”

As Attorney General, Nathan will be a leader in keeping our families, businesses, and communities safe. He will put politics aside and public safety first.