From:  CAGOP
Subject: 🚨Dem Attorney General Misinformation Campaign🚨
Date: May 14, 2022
To: Nathan Hochman
Dear Patriot,
The Democrats are at it again—employing dirty tricks to win an election. This time, public employee unions and far-left activists are running deceptive ads trying to confuse Republican voters about the race for California Attorney General.
Why? Because they feel threatened by our official California Republican Party endorsed candidate for Attorney General, Nathan Hochman, the leading challenger to Newsom-appointed Attorney General Rob Bonta.
Hochman is a former prosecutor, nation-leading attorney in private practice, and former Assistant Attorney General of the United States. He has been campaigning hard across the state, helping voters realize that California Democrats, including Bonta, are to blame for rising crime, exploding homelessness, and a drug epidemic unfolding on our streets. 
Hochman’s message is resonating and failed AG Bonta is running scared.
Bonta and his allies are spending millions of dollars trying to confuse voters and split the Republican vote. These are the same extremists who gave us George Gascón as District Attorney in Los Angeles—now trying to rescue their choice for AG, Rob Bonta.
Let’s be clear: Nathan Hochman is the only Republican candidate endorsed by the California Republican Party in the race for Attorney General. He is our best shot at winning this critical race and restoring law and order to our streets.
As your ballot arrives in the mail, don’t be fooled by the public employee unions and far-left activists— Vote Nathan Hochman for Attorney General.